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"Our goal is to give everyone access to high level squash coaching in an effort to help them become the best player they can be"

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jethro binns in salming squash kit

Jethro on SquashSkills for players

"We launched SquashSkills in July 2012 and have been amazed by how well the concept has been received. Over the last 3 years our team of coaches has grown significantly and we're delighted to say that the site is home to 9 former World Number 1's, all of whom are here to dispense their knowledge to our members in an effort to helping our members become the best players they can be. 

The new platform offers features and functionality that we could only dream of at the conception of this project. It offers players of all levels and abilities the opportunity to adopt start training more effectively under the guidance of the World's best players and coaches. 

We've been delighted by the support we've had over the last 3 years and feel we have a real  part of a community of squash players who all love the game.  We look forward to working with our members on improving the platform for many years to come." 

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Peter on SquashSkills for coaches

"When we launched the original SquashSkills in 2012 we were very player focused.

As time went on we felt we had the opportunity to build something that could help both players and coaches to expand their knowledge and bring variety to their training. 

The new platform is packed full of tools for coaches that allow them to schedule their training and monitor their players improvements.

We're very excited about building relationships with coaches and helping to enhance their offerings both on and off the court." 

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