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  • sqaushskills member beat zimmermann

    "I find SquashSkills extremely valuable, a vast repository of instructional videos, something for anybody anytime at any level.

    I often found that improving in certain areas eventually revealed another problem that was not present before.

    Almost always find a couple of good videos that help me tackle the follow-up issue!"

    ​Beat Zimmermann, Interlaken, Switzerland

  • brian chung squashskills review 2

    "SquashSkills is an excellent website for anyone wishing to improve their game.

    My 9 year old is a competitive player and we have watched many of the video lessons together. We can look up problem areas by topic or by our favourite presenters. 

    The quality of the videos is many steps above what can be found on YouTube and the subscription is well worth the price."

    Brian Chung, Connecticut, USA

  • jeff barrett squashskills review 2

    "SquashSkills kills it! Comprehensive relevant training topics for the player seeking improvement or just trying to stay fit.

    Its a well-deigned site with an easy to use layout. I'm on the site several times a week and try to integrate video routines into practice and game situations."

    Jeff Barrett, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Squash player, Leo Chester

    I don't think I've ever had such a clear understanding of what I need to do now to improve my game - it's also given me fresh ideas for my physical training!

    Leo Chester, Vancouver, Canada

  • Daniel Abdella testimonial image

    I'm writing to tell you how grateful I am, you've really helped me so much. I live in Rio de Janeiro and started playing squash in 2014. I started in category 5, since then I check the website almost every day searching for something to improve my game and now, after a year and a half, I'm going into category 2!

    Daniel Abdalla, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Squash Player, Ashley buckle

    The site is simply brilliant! I use it several times a week and it's helped me improve my squash and fitness a great deal. Please keep up the great work!

    Ashley Buckle, Melbourne, Australia

  • Squash player. Brian Phillips

    Since using your site I've moved up 5 mini-leagues!

    Brian Phillips, England, UK