squashskills is for players and coaches of all levels

For players & coaches of all levels.

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned professional looking for some new training methods, there really is something for everyone.

plan and create sessions with our planner

New training tools & ideas

Knowledge & understanding are the keys to success. 

​The squash and fitness session libraries allow you to access specific sessions focused on developing key aspects of the game. They’re constructed in a simple and easy to use format aimed at all abilities. 

Keeping your training interesting and fresh allows you to enjoy your practice sessions more.

The session planning tool gives you complete freedom to construct your own sessions from a vast library of exercises.

Whether you’re a player or a coach you can create sessions quickly and easily before choosing to watch them on court on a phone or tablet or simply download and print them in PDF form.

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Monitor your improvement with our testing zone

Being able to visualise your improvement leads to increased success.

The testing section allows you to identify key areas of weakness that should be addressed both on and off the court. You’re able to to track your improvements over time and also compare yourself to the pro’s. 

A well thought out training programme will allow to progress more effectively. The calendar gives you the ability to schedule sessions and programmes alone or with training partners and coaches so you’re schedule is balanced planned.

​The tools are available on both desktop and mobile platforms meaning you're able to learn and train effectively both on and off the court. 

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Squash Groups management

Share your sessions & ideas with other players

Training is more fun when you're not doing it on your own.

The group functionality that allows you to interact with coaches, training partners and other players. It’s a place to share ideas and plan your training. If you're a coach it gives you the ability to work with your players remotely, share training diaries, monitor testing results and set training sessions.

Learning direct from the best minds in a sport gives you an unrivalled level of understanding. We’ve continued to build a team of coaches who offer an amazing insight into the world of professional squash, with players such as Peter Nicol, Nick Matthew, David Palmer and world class coaches including David Pearson, Shaun Moxham and Paul Assiante.

Ultimately we wanted to help you improve your squash. The all new Squashskills is here, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to learn from the pro’s and train like a pro. 

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Are you a coach looking to manage your players?

If you'd like to find out more about what SquashSkills can offer coaches then get in touch with us. 

Peter on SquashSkills for coaches...

"We built the new SquashSkills with both players and coaches in mind. We wanted to go way beyond simply putting videos online for amateur players. We wanted to build a resource that helped improve the standard of squash all over the World.

That meant creating a tool that allowed coaches to manage their players training all in one place. We believe that the testing sections and session planning tool will help coaches with the additional support the need to get the very best out of their players."

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